Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rights of a neighbour

Abu Shuraih (ra) narrates that the messenger of Allah (saw) said, “By Allah he does not believe” three times and when he was asked who he was referring to he answered, “The one who’s neighbour feels unsafe from his evil”.

There are three categories a neighbour falls into, the first has one right on the believer and that is for being a neighbour, the second has two rights, one for being a neighbour and one for being a believer and last type of neighbour has three rights, one for being a neighbour, another for being a believer and the third right for being a blood relative. Sheikh of Islam Taymiya said that sins are divided into two categories, major and minor. Harming the neighbour is one of the major sins and falling into one of the major sins will most probably mean that one will enter the hellfire. Major sins are sins which Allah and the messenger (saw) have prescribed a punishment for, either in this world or hereafter. One will suffer the consequences for their sins unless they ask for tawbah (forgiveness) of Allah and then it is as though that person had never sinned to start of with.
However there are conditions surrounding the acceptance of tawbah.
1. One must be sincere
2. He must regret committing that sin
3. He must stop the sin altogether
4. Resolve from dong that action again
5. So long as death isn’t rattling at his throat and prior to the sun rising from the east.
An individual is not answerable for his action while he is asleep or in a coma, insane and before maturity. Signs of maturity include the intimate dream, pubic hair in the lower region and the start of the menstrual cycle for girls.

Explanation by Abu abdillah Yunus Ibn Mahmoud


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