Thursday, September 21, 2006

Whispering in Emaan

Anas radiyalaahu anhu narrates that Allah's messenger salalaahu aleyhiwasalam said. "People will not stop asking questions till they say, "This is Allah, the Creator of everything, then who created Allah?"

In a variation on the authority of Abu Hurraira radiyalaahu anhu narrates that the prophet salalaahu aleyhi wassalam said, "Satan comes to one of you and says, "Who created so and so?, Who created so and so?" Till he says, Who created your Lord?" So when he reaches up to such a question, one should seek refuge in Allah and give up such thoughts.

These ahadieth are in relation to cutting off the whispering in Emaan. A man once came to the prophet (saw) and told him that he hears the whispering of shaytan, and the whispers are so bad that he is unable to repeat them. The messenger of Allah (saw) told him that this is the purest of faith, one should say seek refuge in Allah and put an end to that train of thought. Distraction in prayer is from a shaytaan called Khanzaab, one should spit three times in the direction of his left side. Anyone who sufferers in the regards to whispers he will be rewarded accordingly. One who resists the whispers is like a mujaahid and this is one of the best forms of jihad. Shaytaan only whispers to the ones who try focus, are devoted and concentrate on Allah.

Explanation by Abu abdillah Yunus Ibn Mahmoud


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