Sunday, November 05, 2006

Love&Hate for the sake of Allah

These ahadieth capture the characteristics that are necessary to attain the sweetness of Emaan as well as complete faith.

The messenger of Allah (saw) informs us about three qualities and if one was to acquire them they will relish and taste the sweetness of emaan. The first is to love Allah and his messenger (saw) over everyone and everything. I believe that when someone loves an individual they will do anything in their power to make them happy and avoid upsetting them. If we loved Allah and his Messenger (saw) the way we are suppose to then a lot more people would fulfil their duty to Allah.

Anas (ra) narrated that prophet (saw) said; "None of you is a believer until I am dearer to him than his father, his child and the whole of mankind". By not doing so that person will not attain complete faith and deeds won’t be accepted.

The second is someone who loves another person only for the sake of Allah. We have to check and asses whether Allah would be pleased this person being our companion. Will this person benefit me and visa versa. One has to love solely for the sake of Allah. The last characteristic is the hate and fear of turning back to disbelieve as much as one hates being flung into the fire. After Allah saves someone purely out of His mercy one should be grateful and a believers liking and disliking isn’t his own choice but is detemined by Allah azza wa jal. After one acquires these characteristics he will definitely taste the sweetness of emaan.

People of bid’a say emaan doesn’t increase nor decrease while Ahlul Sunnah wal Jamaa’a do.

Explanation by Abu abdillah Yunus Ibn Mahmoud

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Ithban Bin Malik (ra) who informs us about his sight impediment and how it got in the way of him leading the people in prayer because of darkness and heavy rain. He gave the messenger of Allah (saw) a visit in order to invite the prophet (saw) back to his house so that he could offer salat in a place he could take as a musalla which is a place for offering salat. The prophet (saw) consented and fulfilled his promise and a great number of men turned up after finding that the prophet (saw) was present in the house. One of the men present in the house made a remark about another man being a hypocrite. The prophet (saw) told that person not to say that because whom ever testifies that there is no god but Allah (for Allah’s sake only) then Allah will save him from the hellfire.

Backbiting is considered a great sin and it is to mention of your brother something he dislikes while he is unaware or absent. Aiysha (ra) made a remark or gesture to the prophet (saw) about Safiya (ra) and the prophet (saw) told her that if that one word she uttered were to be dipped in the ocean it would render it bitter.

The prophet (saw) informed us that a man will sink as deep as the distance between the east and the west for saying something without thinking. If you call someone a munafiq, enemy of Allah or kafir without it being a fact, that which you uttered will bounce right back to you.

The messenger of Allah (saw) said who ever protects the honour of his brother; Allah will protect this person’s face from the Hellfire.

Suspicion is harram because its false speech and one should avoid situations which might trigger such thoughts.
May Allah azza wa jal guide us and make it easy for us to tread the siraad al mustaqeem

Explanation by Abu abdillah Yunus Ibn Mahmoud